Aftershock Hazard Assesment.
Development of information system for automatic seismic hazard assessment after large earthquakes based on geophysical monitoring. The project is directed onto solving the scientific problem of evaluating seismic danger with the goal of diminishing the consequences of catastrophes that occur due to repeated and strong earthquakes.
Automated workplace (AWP) of seismologist (russian version).
Program WSG is intended for processing of seismic signals and getting of estimation parameters for seismic event hypocetres both from records of a single station and from a group of stations. This software set can be used as a workplace of seismologist on separate seismic stations an within a framework of information processing centers (IPC).
Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a digital signal processing Java applet designed upon principle integration formulas, signal data set and their graphical presentations. Originally this module was developed as a part of seismic data processing system WSG for Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP and was written in Microsoft Visual C++. Window formulas are the kernel of DSP: any window can contain a formula defining its contents. This formula can reference signal in other Windows, incorporate mathematical functions, and generate signals. In some cases this program is similar to the DADiSP software package. Current version of DSP support up to 16 windows. Also 8 graphics may be overloaded on to the current window.
Software download
Download last version for WSG, SDAS, UGRA


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