Automated workplace (AWP) of seismologist
(russian version)

Program WSG is intended for processing of seismic signals and getting of estimation parameters for seismic event hypocetres both from records of a single station and from a group of stations. This software set can be used as a workplace of seismologist on separate seismic stations an within a framework of information processing centers (IPC).

Program WSG release 4.5 is a result of joint efforts of Central Experimental Methodical Expedition of Geophysical Survey of RAS (CEME GS RAS) and SCP 'Geotech+'. This software is presented by the module, which works in environment of Windows 95/98/NT operation system. The author of software is Akimov Andrey Petrovich.

Program WSG is used as an interactive workplace of seismologist in Information Center of CEME GS RAS for solving the following tasks:

  • To get parameters of strong earthquakes, registered by digital seismic stations of Russia and abroad at regional and teleseismic distances and gathered by Service of Express Messages in a close to real time mode;
  • To support regional seismic monitoring with the use of data from network of digital and analog seismic stations in a region of Northern Caucasus;
  • To support local seismic monitoring with the use of data from digital records on survey points of radiotelemetering data acquisition system in regional Information Center of Caucasus Mineral Waters region

Besides that WSG program is used:

  • In Sahalin regional centre of GS RAS as a workplace of seismologist for making resulting processing of data on 4 stations of Sahalin regonal network, which was installed with participation of NPP “Geotech”;
  • On seismic stations IRIS in ARU (Arti), TLY (Talaya) and VOR (Voronez) with digital registration for waveform processing and quality control of records.

This program works with data, preliminary placed inside database of seismic records and converted into internal data format of WSG. At present the following data type converters are available for widely spread types of seismic data presentation formats:

  • XDATA – record format of NANOMETRICS radiotelemetry system of survey;
  • PCC-1 – record format of PCC radiotelemetry system of survey;
  • Css release 2.8 and 3.0 - record format, developed for making technical experiment by Group of scientific experts from disarmament Conference in Geneva;
  • DASS - record format of digital stations SPC 'Geotech+';
  • CM6 GSE2 - record format of seismic data, spread from AutoDRM requests.

WSG allows to make data import by TCP/IP- protocol from NRTS and LISS systems (format miniSEED - Steim 2).

  1. Documentation on program WSG release 4.5 in Russian (Seismic data processing system) one can get from FTP server .
  2. Animated demo version of program WSG 2.1 in Russian one can get here.
  3. Full functional Russian version of WSG 4.5 program (limited in data import functions) one can get here.

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