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Новости сайта: The journal issue (V4, #2, 2022) was published

The next issue of the scientific publication "Russian Seismological Journal" - Vol. 4, No. 2 has been published. The issue contains publications by researchers from the FRC EGS RAS and the IDG RAS, prepared both on government assignments and on their own initiative.

  A review of historical evidence of seismic activity that occurred in the middle of the 18th century in the vast expanses of Western Europe, North Africa and the Atlantic in connection with the Great Lisbon catastrophe on November 1, 1755, is given in the first article (L.I. Ioganson, G.Yu. Dontsova, L. .D. Fleifel)

  The following article (I.A. Sanina, N.L. Konstantinovskaya) generalizes the results of long-term observations on the Mikhnevo small-aperture seismic group, which is part of the unique scientific installation of the Mikhnevo mid-latitude geophysical observation complex of the IDG RAS. The emphasis in the work is on the assessment of the regulations for blasting in open pits in the central part of the East European Platform.

 The final scientific article of the issue was prepared by the researchers of the Laboratory for Seismic Monitoring of the Voronezh Crystalline Massif of the FRC EGS RAS (S.P. Pivovarov, M.A. Efremenko, R.S. Pivovarov). They presented empirical relationships between the magnitude MS of technogenic seismic events and the value of the energy class, derived from the catalogs of seismic events recorded on the territory of the VKM

The issue ends with congratulations from the editors of the Russian Seismological Journal to its editor-in-chief Aleksey Aleksandrovich Malovichko, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Supervisor of the FRC EGS RAS on its 70th anniversary!

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