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Новости сайта: The journal issue (V4, #1, 2022) was published

   The next issue of the scientific publication "Russian Seismological Journal" has been published - Vol. 4, No. 1. The issue is compiled from the results of research conducted by scientists from the GS RAS, as well as other Russian and foreign scientific institutions.

   The issue opens with a large article (Vinogradov Yu.A. et al.), traditionally published at the beginning of each half-year, presenting a detailed analysis of strong earthquakes that occurred around the world in the second half of 2021, according to the Emergency Reports Service of the GS RAS.

   The second article (Diaghilev R.A. et al.) summarizes the extensive work carried out over the past year on digitizing old paper seismograms with recordings of peaceful nuclear explosions.

   The following article (Pashayan R.A. et al.) presented the achievements of our Armenian colleagues in the geophysical monitoring of the geodynamic regime of Central Armenia. A joint analysis of seismicity and hydrogeochemical data provides grounds for assessing the stress state of the Earth's crust of the studied area.

   An attempt has been made (Silkin K.Yu.) to develop a technique for measuring the duration of a short-delayed explosion based on time-frequency images of a wavelet analysis of a single seismic receiver recording.

   A report is presented (Fedorov I.S. et al.) on the organization of the work of the new UMBA seismic station installed in the southern part of the Kola Peninsula and thereby expanded the network of seismological monitoring of the Kola branch of the GS RAS.

   On the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the outstanding Russian seismologist Nikolai Vissarionovich Shebalin, a large biographical article (A.A. Nikonov) was published, representing not only the milestones of the hero of the day's work, but also the main stages of the development of the entire national seismology.

   At the same time, the editorial board of the Russian Seismological Journal congratulates Andrey Alekseevich Nikonov on his 90th birthday. Our sincere congratulations and best wishes!

   We regret to inform you that at the time when the issue was being worked on, one of the members of the editorial board of the Russian Seismological Journal Nikolai Vladimirovich Sharov, chief researcher of the Institute of Geology of the KarSC RAS, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor of PetrSU, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, passed away.

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